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Addocoin’ Market price has been Increased to 5.30 INR

Addocoin’ now has become leading cryptocurrency of the world as its market value is being increased time to time and it gains trust in the market. Addocoin' Market price has been Increased to 5.30 INR#addocoin #cryptocurrency #price #boostedShare it with your friends Posted by AddoCoin on Saturday, January 13, 2018 According to the cryptocurrency market update Addocoin’ Price has been increased to 5.30 INR. as we know that this growth is approx 1000% since its been started and current market trends

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Market Update Report, Jan First Week

Congratulations to Bitcoin! Today is January 3rd, nine years ago, the first block of Bitcoin network was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto. Congrats also that the network fees have dropped a bit recently. The correction, which began with the start of trading in the CME future contracts, continued this week, as the price declined to an average of around $13K. After reaching bottom supports of around $12K, it is not clear where it is going from now. It seems that we

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Crypto Market Update Report Dec. last week

Well…the correction came. After an entire week of declines in Bitcoin’s price, last Friday its value reached $11K, but then support and demand came and it eventually ended (as it seems now). Alongside Bitcoin, the value of the Alts also fell against the US dollar. Yet surprisingly there were some altcoins that gained hundreds of percentages at the same time. All this is happening following the media hype surrounding Bitcoin, Crypto and blockchain technology. To the beginners, who suffered a

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Addo Coin’s Price Jumped to 4.5 INR in International Crypto Market on Tuesday

One of the Biggest Digital Currency of the World  “Addo Coin” Price Hiked on Tuesday evening to “4.5 Indian Rupees” in International Digital Currency Market. Since Addo coin started with the value of 50 paisa, Now Addo Coin has achieved more than 800% growth since it’s been started. If we look on current crypto market scenario we would consider that very soon it will touch 1000% growth in few days.   Leading Digital Currency of the World "Addo Coin's" Market

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Successful grand meet-up in Mumbai of Addo Coin members- Celebrating the success

As you all know addocoin is doing a great business in the crypto market. It’s expanding the customer base all over the world. The company also has launched the Addopay ATM card, that’s a great move by company. The company organised a meeting in Mumbai and also in Gujrat to celebrate the grand success of the company. All the company leaders were available there to enjoy this moment. All of them make a wish to work hard and to take

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