Big News – Now the Addo Coin value is increased to 1.25 INR

The big news of the day is the value of addo coin has increased. Now the value of the addo coin is 1.25 indian rupees. It started with the value of 0.5 rupees and after few days it reached to 1 rupee.

Now the value of the Addo Coin is 1.25 Rupees.

Addo Coin is making a rapid growth in the crypto market and enlarging it’s customer base very fast and effectively. As the company also has started giving payouts to its members. Addo Coin is providing each and every thing transparently to reach from first user to its last user, company has made its presence  to every home as its place in the crypto currency market has become more strong.

Since Addo Coin has listed on many exchangers its market value is increasing day by day and in future it will make a superb growth.

Company has launched it’s official e-wallet called “Addo Pay”. Now you can withdraw from there easily.

You can see in the video “How to withdraw from Addo Pay”

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